ABA Scotland - Assisting children to reach their full potential
Some useful Links

Research and Organisations:

  • SIGN 145 - Scottish clinical guideline on the assessment, diagnosis and interventions for autism spectrum disorders - ABA is recommended!

  • Enquire - national advice service for additional support for learning

  • Let's Talk ASN - a free service for the parents of children with additional support needs who may require support in relation to a dispute or potential dispute with an education authority 


ABA/VB Programme Resources:

  • Chewigem - chewable jewellery company based in Scotland

  • Yellow Moon - reinforcer ideas (use source code SPE1451 to contribute to Child Autism UK)


Videos examples of ABA/VB:

  • Collage of Joshua's ABA sessions over the past 2 years - A fantastic video of the progress Joshua has made. The video also highlights the importance of fun and natural environment aspect of today's ABA programmes.